Clutch Repiars Lancaster Clutch Repiars Lancaster Clutch Repiars Lancaster Clutch Repiars Lancaster

Clutch Repiars Lancaster

Welcome to KLS Motors of Galgate.  We are a fully qualified and a professional garage dealing with clutch repairs Lancaster.


We offer a full range of mechanical repairs including, clutch repairs, gearboxes, exhaust fitting, breaks and discs, restoration, body repair, re-sprays, steering and suspension and general servicing. So when thinking of clutch repairs Lancaster, think no further than KLS Motors.


More often than not a well looked after and maintained vehicle will give you a trouble free motoring experience, however, if you do not look after your vehicle properly by having it checked or serviced, you may start to find that it costs you a lot of money to keep on the road.  KLS Motors, one of the main car body repair and clutch repairs Lancaster, are more than happy to hear from you should you wish to book your vehicle in with us to make sure you are safe and sound whilst driving on the road.


There are certain things that you can look out for which might help you determine if you need to take your car to a clutch repairs Lancaster garage which can include some of the following:


• Is there a rattle when you take your foot off the clutch with the engine running?
• When you are driving up a steep hill, does the car rev higher but not increase speed?
• Is there a burning smell when you reverse up a hill?
• Does the gearbox crunch when you go through the gears?


Some of the above may be relevant to you, but if you are not sure and you feel that you need some professional advice, then bring your vehicle to clutch repairs Lancaster at KLS Motors fir us to determine if your clutch is ok.


You can call us on 01524 751143






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