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Tyre Supplier and Fitter Lancaster

When you are looking for a tyre supplier and fitter Lancaster then please consider our services.  We have been helping our clients with the right choice of tyre and alloys since our opening in 1989.


The correct tyre choice is imperative as they are the only thing that keeps you firmly on the road.  Poorly selected tyres can often mean experiencing a bad ride, or can mean the difference between stopping in time! Another aspect of choosing us as your tyre supplier and fitter Lancaster is that we have the experience in fitting tyres for all standard cars, classic cars, vans, caravans and high performance vehicles.


Sometimes a tyre supplier and fitter Lancaster may recommend a tyre which may seem quite cheap and readily affordable, but it may not be the best advice.  Really cheap tyres could cause problems in the future where they might not stand high speed driving on the motorway, or high mileage driving. So the correct tyre, over a cheap tyre, is the best choice.


One of the unique qualities about KLS Motors as a tyre supplier and fitter Lancaster based company is that we are not a dealer, meaning that you get a more personalised and courteous service from us. We will professionally fit your tyres and balance them with our fully computerised wheel balancing unit on site.


As one of the leading tyre supplier and fitter Lancaster companies we would like you to be aware of the following:

If you drive a vehicle fitted with an illegal or defective tyre on a road, a police officer may give you a Fixed Penalty Notice or, in Scotland, a Conditional Offer Notice.
A police officer has discretion not to issue a fixed penalty but to report the case for prosecution. In law, the driver and the owner (if different) are liable and one or both may be summonsed.


The maximum fine which a court can impose for using a vehicle with a defective tyre is £2,500 and three penalty points (£5,000 in the case of a goods vehicle or a vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than eight passengers).
If a vehicle is fitted with more than one defective tyre, you can be summonsed for each tyre which is illegal. Disqualification is also possible in certain circumstances.
[Exert taken from the AA Official website]






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